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“Serial.” “The Joe Rogan Experience.” “This American Life.” Take your pick from the thousands upon thousands of titles available. It seems as though everyone has listened to and has deemed his or her favorite podcasts. Born from the digital audio boom of the early 2000’s, it wasn’t until Apple introduced podcasts to iTunes in 2005, […]

Streaming Covid-19

By: Matt Rader Media Director   Stay home. Keep a safe distance from everyone. Wash your hands. A lot. So, what are those who are following stay-at-home orders doing with all this newfound free time on their (hopefully freshly washed) hands? They’re binging. And with a plethora of streaming services, devices, and content available, it […]

#TipTuesday: Gradient Maps

By: Chris Kunstadt, Senior Graphic Designer There are many ways to maximize great photography, however when it comes to branding, sometimes it’s little tricks graphic designers use that really take photography to the next level. For this month’s #TipTuesday, join me as I demonstrate how you can utilize Gradient Maps to homogenize a wide variety […]

SEO Trends for 2020

The SEO landscape is dynamic. Some things stay the same, while other things continue to change. As we start a new year and decade, our SEO Expert, Grayson Kilmer, highlights his top three SEO trends for 2020:1. Zero-click searches are the new normal.Users are finding information in the search results without ever needing to click on the page […]

The Impact of Connected TV

With Disney+ and AppleTV+ as the newest connected TV networks to hit the market in recent weeks, we were curious about the connected TV trend and how advertisers are responding. While neither Disney+ nor AppleTV+ are ad-supported formats, we found that significant growth is expected among CTV viewers as well as growth with advertisers who are turning […]

5 Healthcare Marketing Trends to Expect in 2019

1 – Expect a Rise in Voice-Activated Searches in 2019 According to a recent study by MindMeld, voice search has grown substantially over the last six months. This may seem like a daunting trend to partake in, however, through common optimization practices, you can still make sure you’re showing up when people are using key […]

Why Promoting Your Medical or Physician Group Is Always A Good Thing…

As Healthcare Marketers, you are tasked with streamlining marketing, branding and advertising efforts to ensure maximum exposure and ROI while keeping key stakeholders happy. You’re asked to do more with less, to make sure that you are promoting the necessary service lines, locations/facilities and specialty programs. So, what is the common denominator for virtually everything a health […]

GIFs…They’re (Probably) Not Going Away

This Is Our Year… 2018 has been dubbed the year that we (advertising folks that is) will finally start taking risks, both in life and in advertising. With the incredibly cluttered world of advertising and messaging, all of which are clamoring for attention, risks are the only way your product, service or work will stand […]

Raising Health For Healthy Hearts

Go Red for Women Luncheon The purpose of the luncheon is to raise awareness of heart health and inspire and motivate women to live heart-healthy lifestyles. Did you know… cardiovascular diseases kill approximately ONE WOMAN every EIGHT SECONDS! But… 80% of cardiac events can be prevented with education and lifestyle changes pertaining to your heart […]

See Beyond February…Why Heart Month Isn’t the Best Time to Run a Heart Campaign

If you’re like most delivery systems, with far too many service lines, and far few too many marketing dollars, you probably look to February to push your cardiology services across various platforms, and we can’t blame you. You’re likely getting pressure from leadership, and they want to go all out, within budget of course, during […]

The Best Healthcare Marketing Blogs You Need to Follow…like…yesterday!

Healthcare Marketing Blogs Worth Following 33 Charts With a mashup of curated and original content that crosses the spaces of digital health, media, communication, technology, patient experience, digital culture and the humanities, 33 charts offers unique insight and analysis on the changing face of medicine. Founded by blogger, Bryan Vartabedian M.D., Assistant Professor of Pediatrics […]

2018 – The Year To Raise Some Health

Yep…We’re a Bunch of #HealthRaisers For years, we’ve been a healthcare branding agency that’s committed to raising health. We raise questions. We raise expectations. We raise the bar in what’s possible for healthcare branding, marketing and consumer engagement.  And when it’s all said and done, we’ve been known to raise a glass or two in celebration […]

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