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5 Healthcare Marketing Trends to Expect in 2019

1 – Expect a Rise in Voice-Activated Searches in 2019 According to a recent study by MindMeld, voice search has grown substantially over the last six months. This may seem like a daunting trend to partake in, however, through common optimization practices, you can still make sure you’re showing up when people are using key […]

Why Promoting Your Medical or Physician Group Is Always A Good Thing…

As Healthcare Marketers, you are tasked with streamlining marketing, branding and advertising efforts to ensure maximum exposure and ROI while keeping key stakeholders happy. You’re asked to do more with less, to make sure that you are promoting the necessary service lines, locations/facilities and specialty programs. So, what is the common denominator for virtually everything a health […]

GIFs…They’re (Probably) Not Going Away

This Is Our Year… 2018 has been dubbed the year that we (advertising folks that is) will finally start taking risks, both in life and in advertising. With the incredibly cluttered world of advertising and messaging, all of which are clamoring for attention, risks are the only way your product, service or work will stand […]

See Beyond February…Why Heart Month Isn’t the Best Time to Run a Heart Campaign

If you’re like most delivery systems, with far too many service lines, and far few too many marketing dollars, you probably look to February to push your cardiology services across various platforms, and we can’t blame you. You’re likely getting pressure from leadership, and they want to go all out, within budget of course, during […]