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SEO Trends for 2020

The SEO landscape is dynamic. Some things stay the same, while other things continue to change. As we start a new year and decade, our SEO Expert, Grayson Kilmer, highlights his top three SEO trends for 2020:

1. Zero-click searches are the new normal.
Users are finding information in the search results without ever needing to click on the page itself. The new BERT algorithm helps search engines to understand human natural speech and that means long search queries will get more accurate results. This means counting clicks is not what it used to be.

2. Do your best to optimize for Rich and Featured snippets.
An entire block of information that is shown at the top of a SERP (Search Engine Results Pages)results in great increases in CTR. It is mainly about having quality answers to frequently asked questions with the goal of moving to the coveted position 0.

3. Local SEO is changing.
Information on your Google My Business page is more important than ever. According to research, 4 out of 5 searches are for services or products nearby and 50 percent of those searches will result in an action.

Remember that as the rules start to shift and change, the focus will not. Google said it best, “At its core, Search is about understanding language.”


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