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5 Healthcare Marketing Trends to Expect in 2019

1 – Expect a Rise in Voice-Activated Searches in 2019

According to a recent study by MindMeld, voice search has grown substantially over the last six months. This may seem like a daunting trend to partake in, however, through common optimization practices, you can still make sure you’re showing up when people are using key trigger words related to healthcare providers or local hospitals.

2 – Video’s Impact on the Healthcare Sector Will Continue

As many of you have experienced, video has started becoming more and more present in the healthcare industry. Remote consultations and remote illness monitoring are now much more plausible for those who would rather not leave the comfort of their own home or those who have needs that are slightly less urgent.

Videos should be leveraged as a marketing tool in 2019 as well. Outside of interfacing with clients, video is essential with respect to establishing and building relationships online. It’s not enough to simply show up on the right search results page anymore!

3 – An Increase in Multi-Channel Touch Points

From text messages and chatbots, to a personal phone call, there will be an effort to push creating a more unique and personal consumer experience. One reason you’ll want to diversify your touch point is that people are all different, and while some might enjoy interacting with a chatbot, some might prefer a text.

Investing in a multi-channel approach will help you cover your bases for a wide variety of consumers.

4 – Ramping up Local SEO Efforts

Here are two incredible (food for thought) healthcare focused SEO stats:

SEO seems to be lower on the priority list for most hospitals and healthcare providers. Which is completely understandable, running a hospital is an incredibly difficult task. However, SEO has reached a point where it’s no longer something that can be easily forgotten. Think about the total volume of patients seen over the last year in your targeted area. Now multiply that number by 0.83 and you can quantify just how many people searched for you (and your competitor) on Google before making their appointment.

5 – Wellness Will Continue Being a Key Consumer Focus

In 2018, consumers showed substantial interest in learning how to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves. Use this information to build out content that can help satisfy that interest. You can also look to start a conversation around this key topic through your various social networks.

For example, a category that falls within this particular consumer focus could be healthy eating. Creating a short video or a long-form post discussing emerging diet trends for 2019 and their particular merits. This is just one way you could approach this strategy.

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