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Streaming Covid-19

By: Matt Rader Media Director   Stay home. Keep a safe distance from everyone. Wash your hands. A lot. So, what are those who are following stay-at-home orders doing with all this newfound free time on their (hopefully freshly washed) hands? They’re binging. And with a plethora of streaming services, devices, and content available, it […]

The Impact of Connected TV

With Disney+ and AppleTV+ as the newest connected TV networks to hit the market in recent weeks, we were curious about the connected TV trend and how advertisers are responding. While neither Disney+ nor AppleTV+ are ad-supported formats, we found that significant growth is expected among CTV viewers as well as growth with advertisers who are turning […]

The Best Healthcare Marketing Blogs You Need to Follow…like…yesterday!

Healthcare Marketing Blogs Worth Following 33 Charts With a mashup of curated and original content that crosses the spaces of digital health, media, communication, technology, patient experience, digital culture and the humanities, 33 charts offers unique insight and analysis on the changing face of medicine. Founded by blogger, Bryan Vartabedian M.D., Assistant Professor of Pediatrics […]