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The Best Healthcare Marketing Blogs You Need to Follow…like…yesterday!

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Healthcare Marketing Blogs Worth Following

33 Charts

With a mashup of curated and original content that crosses the spaces of digital health, media, communication, technology, patient experience, digital culture and the humanities, 33 charts offers unique insight and analysis on the changing face of medicine.

Founded by blogger, Bryan Vartabedian M.D., Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Baylor College of Medicine – and self-admitted “active witness” to the social health revolution and its influences on medicine – he blogs about the intersection of medicine, social media and technology.

Why It Matters to You…

Regardless of your role in healthcare marketing, technology and digital culture continue to play a drastic role in how you engage patients. This blog offers critical insight and solutions for issues facing medicine as it evolves with technology.



Let’s start with “what is participatory medicine?”

It’s a medical movement where networked patients, as valued partners in their own health journey, help pilot the ship. This shift from patients being mere passenger to responsible drivers of their health also includes providers encouraging and valuing patients as full partners in the journey.

The Society for Participatory Medicine, the main driver behind this movement and publisher of this blog, aims to catalyze collaborative partnerships across the continuum of care and optimize health as a whole.

Why It Matters to You…

Regardless of where you stand on this, as a healthcare marketing and branding expert, it is essential that you keep up with the ever-changing landscape. And this way of looking at healthcare marketing might change some of the aspects of the medical world we live in. Ultimately, the Society seeks to bring together all healthcare stakeholders to promote collaboration, community and cooperation. And isn’t that what we all want…



He has dubbed himself “Social Media’s leading physician voice,” and while that might be slightly subjective, his blog certainly provides valuable insights and information. He is, perhaps, the most popular doctor that blogs, writing for both his fellow physicians and patients. He’s not the only doctor that blogs, but he is definitely one of the most visible. His site is easy to navigate, and full of interesting posts for just about everyone.

Why It Matters to You…

If you are interested in healthcare policy or leading-edge technology, health education or related social media, this high-traffic blog is constantly updated with the breaking medical news and insight from physicians and other expert healthcare professionals you need.


Ragan’s Health Care Communication News 

A truly must bookmark blog for anyone in healthcare marketing, this blog covers all the super-hot topics like mobile health, big pharma, physician developments and of course, healthcare marketing. Digital communications and social media are the main focus, the blog offers a treasure of useful information for you, including practical examples and case studies.

Why It Matters to You…

Between the videos, infographics, lists and studies, this blog offers healthcare marketers a plethora of access. Use it stay on top of industry trends, exploit digital marketing tips and increase your overall understanding and knowledge of this ever changing the industry.


There are tons of other healthcare marketing blogs out there that also offer valuable insight and information, but who has time to read and engage with each of these blogs. In a world of content overload, it’s always a good idea to partner with an agency that is committed to staying at the forefront of healthcare marketing trends, while also integrating more than 30 years of healthcare marketing experience into every campaign and initiative we create. Rest assured, as #HealthRaisers, we make it our mission to stay on the cutting edge of healthcare branding and technology, and that translates into everything we share with you.

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We’re a healthcare branding agency that’s committed to raising health. We raise questions. We raise expectations. We raise the bar in what’s possible for healthcare branding, marketing and consumer engagement. And when it’s all said and done, we’ve been known to raise a glass or two in celebration of healthcare brands well launched, messages well received, and lives made better through the work of our clients. We’re a bunch of #HealthRaisers, and damn proud of it.

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