True Health

a new and true healthcare brand

What We Did.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Name Creation
  • Logo / Identity Development
  • Identity Package
  • Campaign Development
  • Website Design
  • Advertising
    • TV
    • Radio
    • Online Display
    • Mobile
    • Out of Home
    • Print
    • Social Media
    • Collateral Design
    • Sales Tools
    • Sales Video
    • Media Strategy
    • Media Planning / Buying


It’s not often that a new health insurance brand opens its doors for business, but that’s the start-up story of True Health. From name creation to logo design to brand development and a statewide launch campaign, we accepted a tall order and a short turnaround to build a true competitor to national, legacy insurance brands.


Every powerful brand begins with a strong, memorable name. After an extensive market analysis and name development process, “True Health” was the resounding choice. Our strategy leveraged the power and connectivity of the word “true” which was translated into a campaign theme of “Be true to yourself. Be true to your health.”  The brand identity was then developed as a visual representation of the company’s philosophy, that “true health” is the balance and integration of the trilogy of physical, mental and social well-being.


K2MD Health introduced this new choice in health insurance with a comprehensive multi-channel campaign that asked people to be true to yourself by being true to your health. We integrated traditional and digital media consisting of TV, print and radio, online, digital outdoor and mobile to reach our full demographic spectrum.