Lovelace Health System

Refreshing a Healthcare Brand

What We Did.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Media Strategy
  • Advertising Campaign
    • Television Video / Online Radio
    • Out-of-Home
    • Transit
    • Print
    • Website Development


When is the right time to evaluate the effectiveness of your branding in the marketplace? Everyday, really. But periodically there are times when a brand needs to be refreshed to continue to stand out in a competitive environment. Establishing and maintaining a consistent look and feel gives your brand instant recognition in the “brandscape”, but without change, even the brightest brands become expected and even invisible. K2MD was recognized nationally and internationally for the unique rebrand of the Lovelace Health System several years ago, but it was now time for a change.


Refreshing a brand is not about change for change sake, it’s more about evolution and opportunity. It’s about keeping all the elements that your consumers recognize and value while infusing the brand with renewed energy. That’s exactly what we did to refresh the Lovelace Health System brand. Much more than simply a new ad campaign, this was a systemwide evolution of brand assets that collectively says to the community that “There are new and exciting things happening at Lovelace”.

Consumers know how to “fix” your brand,
if you know how to listen.


Positive growth is healthy growth. The fresh new look boldly stood out in the competitive landscape. All advertising and marketing initiatives adopted the revised aesthetic. Emergency visits increased by 9%. Deliveries were up by 15%. Physician appointments grew significantly as well.

Love being a kid.

A kid can still be a kid at Lovelace Westside Hospital’s kid-friendly ER. Cheerful private rooms, flat screen TV’s, and lickety-split waiting times so little minds don’t have to wait and worry.