Lovelace Heart Hospital

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What We Did.

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  • Advertising
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Whether your program is at the top or the bottom of the market, retaining and building market share requires an understandable, relevant connection to your audiences wants and needs. While the Heart Hospital of New Mexico is the most highly regarded cardiology program in New Mexico, they were seeing enough market erosion to be concerned. More over, they were seeing missed opportunities from their audiences lack of awareness.


Meeting with the key physicians of the program, we identified several game-changing messaging opportunities in their ground-breaking research and innovative procedures. These were literally “wow!” moments and the kind of differentiators that health care marketers like us dream of. We took these convincingly powerful statements from the cardiologists and surgeons and created an incredibly bold campaign that shared the message of the world-class cardiology that is saving lives every day at the Heart Hospital.

referring physicians.

An essential (and elusive) audience for specialized service lines is the referring physicians. It was critical to inform these front-line physicians of the revolutionary new lifesaving procedures developed by these stand-out cardiac physicians. We specifically targeted this group though digital online and specialized print publications.

by the numbers.


rated “best hospital” for cardiology by 64% of consumers


increase in preference from 2013 to 2019


inpatient satisfaction