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Who’s your SHEro…

When women empower women…great things happen!

March 8th is International Women’s Day; a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women across the globe. And to celebrate the contributions and achievements of the amazing women we know and love, we decided to share stories of our SHEros.

A SHEro is a female superhero. Someone that has inspired us, made a huge impact on our lives, helped shape us, and serves as a large part of why we are who we are. A SHEro can be a family member, a friend, a mentor or even a public figure.

So in honor of International Women’s Day – and all the incredible SHEroes in our world… here are some of our most influential SHEroes we wanted to recognize.



My SHEro… Brenda Kilmer. Partner. Leader. Inspiration.

Richard Kilmer, Vice president & Creative Director
As we look forward to celebrating 30 years in business this year I know our success is due to Brenda’s leadership, business sense and insistence on accountability for each role in the company that has made this company one of the leaders in branding and advertising in the region.

We met in a design class in college and while I was not clear on my career, she was. She was in fact, the inspiration for me to change my major to graphic design. We married and spent a decade shaping our careers when we made the decision to move back to New Mexico and start a business together. Hard-working, talented and confident, she was instrumental in our evolution from a small 2-person graphic design business to the full-service branding business we are today. She defined and refined the business processes and accountability for virtually all functions in the company. No small accomplishment! When you add in the role of amazing wife, mother and friend and she’s more of a SuperSHEro to me!



My SHEro…my mom

Erin Killion, Media Director

My #SHEro is and forever will be my amazing mother. She taught me how to stand on my own two feet. Instilled in me the importance of hard work, commitment and character. I used to hate when she would say things like, “kill them with kindness” or “actions speak louder than words” but more and more I find that I echo her wisdom in my everyday life. As a single mother, she showed me, through her actions, how to rely on yourself, and provide for yourself. Even when she faced an insurmountable battle, stage IV ovarian cancer, she did it with a smile on her face and a fearless approach. It was her grace in the face of the battle for her life that truly showed me her strength. At her Celebration of Life, countless people she had touched, impacted, inspired and loved, showed up to share their memories of Sharon Riley. I miss her every single day, but I know that she lives on in me, and in the countless women she impacted and inspired throughout her life.



My SHEro… My Inspiring Grandma and Mother

Jessi Swartz, Junior Account Executive/Digital Communications Specialist

My grandmother, Jacque White, and mother, Jennifer White, are my SHEroes. They inspired me to be loving, strong, selfless, hardworking, and caring. My grandma was not only the best Pictionary partner, she was the most loving person I know. She always brought smiles to our faces, I don’t think there was one time we all didn’t crack up laughing at the dinner table when she was with us. Even through her battle with cancer, she fought hard with God and her family by her side and did it with a smile on her face. My mother taught me how to be independent, do what makes me happy, and be free. She always encourages me to work towards my passions. For example, she doesn’t like swimming and being cold, yet I was on swim team for 10+ years and have been snowboarding since I was 14. She’s always believed in me and never stops supporting, listening, and being there for me. Without these two inspiring women in my life as role models, I wouldn’t be where I am today.



My SHEroes… The Love of My Life and My Ray of Sunshine

Randall Marshall, Vice President of Creative Service

I’m blessed to have two incredible SHEroes in my world. These two amazing women, my beautiful wife, Cathy and my amazing daughter, Faith, have truly made me a better person. Cathy is smart, and kind and funny, and absolutely beautiful. I am amazed everyday watching her manage her career, and our family. She never ceases to amaze me. And Faith has overcome so many incredible obstacles to blossom into a beautiful, sweet, and funny young woman. I’ve always said that I want to see the world through Faith’s eyes, because it is a truly beautiful and sparkling place. These two inspire me to be a better man, father, husband and person.



My SHEro… My Headstrong Younger Sister

Zoe Thomas, Graphic Designer

Probably the most laid back and calm, yet argumentative and stubborn people I’ve ever come across. She’s also one of the most amazing individuals I’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing. Witnessing Piper’s strength and resolve in one of the most chaotic parts of life (being a teen in high school) has been nothing short of awe inspiring because she has managed to stay true to her beliefs and stand up for herself in a time when so many others crumble to societal norms just to try and fit in. Being a big sister means helping your younger sister grow into someone she is proud of being, but in all reality Piper is already there, and I’m the one using her as an example of who to be… Except for her choices concerning footwear; Birkenstock sandals is something I just can’t get behind or support. Sorry kid.



My SHEro… Angela Davis

Grayson Kilmer, Designer/Animator

Angela Davis is a former professor of feminist studies, philosophy and ethnic studies at the University of California. She was a was heavily involved in the Civil Rights movement and continues to lecture on African-American issues and female studies. Davis was a recognizable figure in her era and inspired many women to push for the advancement of women’s rights.



My SHEro… My Wonder Woman Wife

Frank Duran, Vice President ofClient Services

First of all, just because a fella says his wife is his SHEro doesn’t necessarily mean he’s in, or trying to avoid, the dog house or has an ulterior motive. In this case, you’ll never know! But truth be told my beautiful wife, Anne, proves that she is my #SHEro more and more every day. From creating and managing an amazing home to raising our beautiful, compassionate, intelligent and independent daughter to continuously growing in her career to finding time to take such great care of herself. And she does everything with pride, purpose and dedication. Anne is truly a Wonder Woman and my SHEro.



My SHEro… My grandma Rose and mama Cecilia

Tina Dunk, Account Executive

Throughout my life I’ve had these two wonderful women by my side supporting me. They’re both Texas strong AND sweet at the same time. I’ve inherited many great qualities from them—strength, smarts, resourcefulness, serious rice cooking skills, and an infectious laugh. I did NOT get their green thumb or knack for cleaning, though, but I’m working on it. I remember my mom helping me conquer all the tough moves in ballet folklorico classes and her quiet persistence stays with me to this day when facing difficult situations. My grandma is a constant reminder that you’re as young as you feel, and to never cut corners (unless the sewing pattern says so). Their unconditional love and guidance help me be my best me and I’m so blessed to have such amazing, one of a kind female inspirations in my life.



My SHEro… A Group of Wonderful Women

Jodi Mari Ramsbacher, Production Coordinator 

I decided to list some of the women who I’ve had the privilege to know and have had a positive impact in my life for their many contributions to the media/advertising community here in the state of New Mexico and for their personal commitments. It’s not just one step of courage but many. Betty Cleveland, Paula Maes, Connie Hargrove, Zelda Danziger, Joan Young, Dee Schillings, and my mom, Donna Herman.

We’re a Bunch of #HealthRaisers

We’re a healthcare branding agency that’s committed to raising health. We raise questions. We raise expectations. We raise the bar in what’s possible for healthcare branding, marketing and consumer engagement. And when it’s all said and done, we’ve been known to raise a glass or two in celebration of healthcare brands well launched, messages well received, and lives made better through the work of our clients. We’re a bunch of #HealthRaisers, and damn proud of it.

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